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    Art for Mark is a balance of creative instinct and technical skill.  Walking a similar pathway as many old Masters, including Mark’s Great Great Grandfather Samuel Horatio Moreton (1842-1921), who was himself an Artist, Signwriter and Explorer is a privilege, and one Mark is proud of.

    Working with steel and paint which are opposing mediums, provides a harmonious outlook of completion and satisfaction for Mark.  Where his paintings are in depth, taking many hours to complete, by contrast to his steel sculptures which are less time intensive.  For Mark, both offer the same sense of fulfilment upon completion.


    Mark’s pre-cursor to painting was spent working in graphite and pastels which taught him mono tonal values, transitioning into acrylic paint which presented to Mark a colour palette to master, he has moved onto high quality oil paints. While perfecting his skill, learning and experimenting with these mediums Mark continues to strive for precision.

    Life on the end of a brush for over 35 years, both as a sign writing and artist painter has been largely self-taught, with the exception of a few interesting tertiary classes and mentors.

    Fused Steel

    Steel is a relatively new medium for Mark after being encouraged to experiment by a commercial steel fabricator who saw Mark had a talent for manipulating, controlling and crafting the steel. Mark’s steel fusion art ranging from small mantel-size art pieces to large Garden art pieces.

    From the abstract form to anatomically correct and taking his stimulus from the famous Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti, Mark is inspired by the elongated poses, adding his own interruption,  to make an emotional connection with his sculptures.   

    Mark has been extremely fortunate receiving commissions for Public Art Sculpture, including the iconic Red & Black Letter Box Sculpture that stands tall in Kaiapoi, North Canterbury to commemorate the 2010 Earthquake that changed the face of Canterbury.

    Throughout Mark’s career he has achieved a number of Certificates of Merit and Public Choice Awards, while enjoying success in winning Signwriting Industry Awards. Along with a selling within New Zealand, Mark now sells work  in the international markets. 

    Mark’s journey as a painter and sculptor continues.



  • Testimonials

    • Mark comes from a very proud heritage of one of New Zealand’s early Landscape artists “Samuel Horatio Morton” (great great grandfather) who was a world renowned Fiordland painter in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Marks ability to paint and be creative in sculpturing has certainly come from Morton. The Woolshed currently owns and displays several paintings and sculptures. Marks very organic approach to his sculptures is unique and his style is becoming very sort after by art collectors.

      Wayne and Bev
      Woolshed B&B Napier New Zealand
    • I have had three pieces of metal art work done by Mark,and they are really first class.
      Admired by all who see them.
      This man has some talent and I am sure you will be happy with any work he does.

    • We have had several sculptures from Mark, a large piece for our own garden, and smaller pieces, for gifts to family. We have been more than pleased with the work he has done for us, and the interpretation of simple ideas into beautiful works of art. We have had four pieces done for teenage grandchildren who have said their gift was ” well cool” over the next few years we have. Three more grandchildren becoming teenagers and we are positive they will be equally pleased with their gifts, when the time comes.

      Richard and Helen Moore
    • Te Kōhaka o Tūhaitara Trust has been fortunate to have been the recipient of a number of Marks art works including murals and metalwork. The works we display are sympathetic with the cultural and environmental spaces that are Tūhaitara Coastal park and encapsulate who we are.

      They are regular features in our visitors photographic memories of Tuhaitara. The works are engaging, creative and beautiful.

      Joe R. Hamblen
      Te Kōhaka o Tūhaitara Trust
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